An Informatics system for Transcriptome Analysis Data

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TransAtlasDB ToolKit

The TransAtlasDB toolkit is written in Perl and can be run on diverse hardware systems where the standard Perl modules have been installed.

This Perl toolkit requires the Perl modules to be installed on the local system.

The package consist of the following files:


install TransAtlasDB system


verify connection details or create connection details (used only when requested)

import samples metadata and RNAseq data into the database

view or export reports based on user-defined queries

interactive interface to explore database content

other folders includes:


  contains the TransAtlasDB relational database schema


  contains sample files and templates


  contains required routines and modules


The following modules have to be installed:
  1. DBD::mysql
  2. Version: 4.038
  3. Spreadsheet::Read
  4. Version: 0.66
  5. Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
  6. Version: 0.65
  7. Spreadsheet::XLSX
  8. Version: 0.15
  9. Text::TabularDisplay
  10. Version: 1.38
  11. Sort::Key
  12. Version: 1.33

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Thank you very much for your help and support!